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Why Remant?

For more than 30 years Remant has established a reputation as a trusted maritime logistics service provider, serving customers from one of the world’s busiest ports. By focusing on a select range of activities, we are able to deliver the value-added services our customers need to enhance their businesss.

Every one of our employees is dedicated as well as flexible, technically skilled as well as creative. With this juxtaposition of talents, they’ve rightly earned the nickname "transport architects". Brick by brick, we lay the foundations to build your ideal supply chain process. Capitalising on our considerable in-house expertise, we consistently come up with seamless, end-to-end logistics solutions that run like clockwork. With our multilogistic capabilities, we guide you through the entire shipping process, ensuring things run smoothly even in the most challenging circumstances.

With speed and accuracy as our watchwords, we incorporate automated production processes in our solutions. We enthusiastically embrace new technology as part of our culture of continuous improvement.

We believe in developing complementary partnerships. By cooperating with international partners, we’re able to offer our customers reliable transport solutions all over the globe. We’re particularly committed to our long-standing relationships in Africa. The African continent is one of the cornerstones of our strategy.

Our customers come from a wide spectrum of industries and niche markets including brewery parts & equipment, beverage, food (frozen and refrigerated as well as ambient), food additives, industrial and  consumption oils, non-government aid, textile, floor coverings, paper, metals and plastics, chemical and agrochemical products, film products, the entire scope of automotives (cars, vehicles, industrial machines, …)

In addition to our expertise in logistics, Remant is also highly knowledgable in customs clearance formalities, a changing market that is becoming increasingly concentrated around a few specialised players.